The Great Resignation: Revolutionizing the American Labor Market

The Great Resignation: Revolutionizing the American Labor Market

It’s still cold, but the morning sun is shining when Chris Van Gora approaches the corner with a trailer. Best jersey dogIt is a cheerfully decorated wagon. Chris flips the slot, lights the baking tray, and within twenty minutes your sausage stand is ready. The first customer logs in. in order to “darn good dog‘ says Van Goura with a big smile on his face.

Van Jura of New Jersey has had a successful career in the hospitality industry, most recently in a senior management position at a major hotel chain in Washington. However, he decided to set aside his 20-year career and start over. “I’ve had a great job, but I’ve never felt safe. During the pandemic, a lot of people thought, Who’s going to take care of me? Treat me like a person, not a number?”

And he is not alone. America is experiencing an unprecedented wave of voluntary layoffs: people who leave their jobs of their own accord. Economists already have the trend big resignation baptized A record number of Americans quit in April and July of this year. Those records were shattered again in August: 4.2 percent of the working population quit.

The talented people in big tech, rickety healthcare workers, waiters in the hospitality industry, from low-paid businesses to management positions: they come from all sectors and layers of the workforce and have decided to change course. In the recovery period from the Corona crisis, the American labor market is going through a small revolution.

Three hectares of cannabis

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At the same time, the unemployment rate, now just under 5 percent, is not exceptionally high. Where are all these people? Partially where Chris Van Gora left off: they started their own company. Because in addition to the unprecedented number of voluntary layoffs, there have not been as many new businesses registered in America as there have been in the past 1.5 years. More than 7 million Americans took the lead.

Another large group is switching to emerging industries. John Lasseter has relinquished his position of managing the retail chain for the cannabis industry. Hemp is one of the most exciting growth markets in America right now. Lasseter: “There’s a lot to be done here and more to gain, this industry is the magnet for the job market, and it’s all very exciting.”

On Culta’s cannabis farm in Maryland, the plants are tall and thick rows. Three hectares of cannabis, as well as a large laboratory where the seeds are grown and new products are tested. “Four years ago we started here with five employees on the ground, we now have 165 colleagues, and we are growing.”

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