The graphic novel by Floor de Goede will be translated and published in the US

The graphic novel by Floor de Goede will be translated and published in the US

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Dutch artist Floor de Goede’s graphic novel Dancing on the Volcano is being translated into English and published in the US. The 2012 book will be published in October by Oni Press in Portland, Oregon, which publishes the popular Scott Pilgrim comic series.

Oni Press plans to market the English translation outside the US as well. It is not yet known what the version of Dancing on Vulcan will be, as the translated version is called.

In the semi-autobiographical Dancing on the Volcano, De Koet reflected on her relationship with her then-boyfriend Bass. The graphic novel received good reviews at the time. The book has not been available in the Netherlands for some time.

It’s not often that a Dutch graphic novel succeeds abroad. An exception is the book Dagen van Zand by Aimée de Jongh, awarded last year at the Stripschapprijs. In this book, the Rotterdam cartoonist documented the misery of American farmers during the Dust Bowl, a severe drought in the United States.

Flor de Gaude has been painting for almost twenty years. He has published in AD, Het Parool and Expresszo magazine. The cartoonist recently won a Zilveren Penseel for his contribution to the book Gloei and a Bronze Pencil for his contributions to the book Calculating for Your Life.

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