The governor announces a new administrative order to increase the vaccine against Govt-19

Due to the relapse of the corona virus, Govt 19 and hospitalized cases, Governor Pierre Pierre Lucy today, Wednesday, announced this afternoon a new administrative order seeking to increase vaccination for people on the island.

In an interview with Normando Valentine on the Notiono 630am, the chief executive promised that the new order would focus on vaccine promotion and herd immunity.

“Except for those who have not been vaccinated, those who have been vaccinated, and those who have been duly certified for reasons such as a specific medical condition. We are targeting it. I’m going to announce it this afternoon,” he said.

“I am going to announce an executive order that is fully established from a legal and health point of view. It will be carefully worked out and announced in the afternoon,” he stressed.

He questioned whether the order was aimed at compulsory vaccination and did not dismiss it. It “defines its purpose and is clearly justified,” Pierre Lucy said.

“What we want is to achieve that herd immunity that protects all of our people. There is no justification for vaccinating one. There are now more than 400 vaccination centers across Puerto Rico. It’s like going to a pharmacy and asking. Reluctance is enough, except for those with strong religious conditions. We have to act, ”he said.

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