The fugitive convict had a ‘special relationship’ with an American prison guard

The fugitive convict had a 'special relationship' with an American prison guard

Earlier, police were not sure if there was a medical connection between 38-year-old murder suspect Casey White and 56-year-old Vicky White.

Last working day

She had begun her last work on Friday morning, and she took the prisoner out, apparently to take him to court to assess his mental well-being. He faces up to 75 years in prison for a series of violent crimes and is suspected of murdering a 58-year-old woman.

The deputy director led the prisoner on his own and went beyond his power. His official car was found a short distance away. Surveillance footage from the prison shows both exiting:

Meanwhile, the police investigation revealed that the two had more contact than usual. It would have been first noticed by fellow inmates of the murder suspect and then confirmed by ‘independent evidence’. The police will not say if this is a love affair.

Nothing to lose

Police warn that anyone who sees Casey White, who is more than 2 meters tall, should not try to approach him. The suspect is considered very dangerous and may be armed. “He has nothing to lose,” a police spokesman said. Casey White could face the death penalty if convicted of murdering a 58-year-old woman.

The woman, whom White tried to break into and kill in 2015, meanwhile told the American channel ABC News that he “had no mind” because he had escaped. She says White has gone into hiding with her family for fear she might want to hurt herself.

‘Get out of here’

Vice President Vicky White realizes what he is doing and hopes he will try to escape. “If she’s still alive, get out of here. Run as far as you can, report yourself and contact someone. Try to do it before anyone dies, yourself or anyone else.”

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