“The fourth wave of COVID-19 is receding but not celebrating soon”


Suriname’s director of public health, Rakesh Jagadhar Sokol, provided further insight into medical-technical data and facts with the help of an epidemiological curve. “The fourth wave is receding, but given the low vaccination rate in Suriname, we should not celebrate too early,” the official said.

The director invites the community to vaccinate as often as possible. To give the media more information about the COVID-19 event, the official explained the demographics during the COVID-19 press conference held on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

The number of admissions of people infected with the Covid-19 virus mostly consists of vaccination. Fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated people make up a small portion of the number of admissions. Most infections still occur in Paramaribo.

Gajadhar Sukul notes that there is a downward trend in the positive cases of home isolation. The official stresses that the Ministry of Health pays additional attention to improving internal work procedures and increasing the professionalism of actors and services regarding the Corona issue.

The Director indicated that scientifically based actions were being taken. “Science shows that people who have been vaccinated have a much lower chance of ending up in intensive care. We want to make sure that there are fewer admissions to intensive care because of corona,” the official confirms. He also notes that the ministry wants to ensure that pressure on care does not increase, so that care can be provided to all.

Thursday, November 18, there were 54 new cases in Suriname after 412 tests (13.1%). 3 Corona deaths were recorded, and 39 people were in hospital. 9 patients in the intensive care unit.

Thursday numbers:

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