The former contestant reveals the secrets of Love Island

The former contestant reveals the secrets of Love Island

In a video series on TikTok, Bombshell Volendam reveals a thing or two about her time at Casa Amor’s villa, where she tried to break up Matthew and Rafaela. In the videos, Marit not only looks back at her short stay, but also shares some “inside information” with her followers. “I can tell you: A lot has happened there in a relatively short time,” says Marit.

The former reality star is the first to look back at her entrance. “It was very uncomfortable,” she recalls. “We were into something in a lost place Then you had to go and say all that, I was just sitting there in a bikini.”

Marit reveals more secrets. For example, they had to record their “walk” to the villa three times. She describes: “You see those heels and those stones, it was just impossible.” “For those who have seen it: Then Fabien came and fell honestly and had to do it many times.” In addition, Marit also tells us about the “beach hut”, where singles always register their quotes. . said love island-Baba. “You have to say, ‘We’re having a pool party now, and it’s already been an hour.'”

And those messages that participants receive throughout the day? They don’t pray at all! “The nice thing is that we had no internet connection at all. Or connection at all,” it appears in the TikTok video. It is the production of the program that clicks on a “message” on the phone and then sends it to a candidate. “So the message actually didn’t get through at all. At least, that’s what it was like at Casa Amor. I don’t know anything about the villa.”

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Marit reveals that besides being online, there was almost no music. “We only had one very small chest.” There was also a shortage of fixed cameras installed in the villa love island Be present at every centimeter that is present. According to Marit, there were only three photographers with them in the villa and there was no filming at night. “More on that later,” the series mysteriously shuts down. So it’s time for the third part!

I found Marit while participating in love island Unfortunately its not the perfect match. Job and Esme do. RTL Boulevard spoke to them right after the final, and they won it.

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