The former Austrian Foreign Minister moves to Russia, and the Kremlin sends a plane for her dowries

The former Austrian Foreign Minister moves to Russia, and the Kremlin sends a plane for her dowries

Karin Kneissl dances with Vladimir Putin at her wedding, August 2018.ANP/EPA photo

Kneissl (58 years old) is known for her close relationship with Putin (70 years old). During her ministerial term from 2017 to 2019, she invited the Russian president to her wedding in the Alps. There they danced a waltz. Putin brought flowers, a Don Cossack choir and ruby ​​earrings worth €50,000 for Kensel, who divorced her husband shortly after the wedding.

She announced her move from Vladivostok, where she participated in an economic forum with Russian parliamentarians this week. In a panel discussion on “An Alternative to Western Hegemony,” featuring extreme nationalist theorist Alexander Dugin, she said she found two things in Russia that “have disappeared in Europe”: the rule of law and freedom.

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The Kremlin helped in this move. Kneissl’s belongings and her dowries were flown to St. Petersburg on a military transport plane. A research site discovered that the Russian military picked up the ponies with an Ilyushin Il-76 plane from an air base in Syria The insider. Before the transfer, the ponies were located in Lebanon, where Kneissl lived until recently. Kneissl confirmed via Telegram on Wednesday the airlift of “her books, clothes and dowries.”

Kremlin salaries

Moscow has for some time taken a seductive approach to celebrities close to Putin and former politicians from the West, then using them for propaganda purposes. American actor Steven Seagal promotes war against Ukraine in Russia. Mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Munson was elected to the Bashkortostan Provincial Parliament this week. Gerhard Schroeder, the former German Chancellor, was appointed to Russian state energy companies after the end of his term. He still visits Moscow regularly, and recently appeared again at a ceremony at the Russian Embassy in Berlin.

Kneissl has been on the Kremlin’s payroll for some time. She was a member of the board of directors of state oil company Rosneft and regularly appears as an analyst on the Kremlin’s RT channel. The think tank she will head, called Gorky, promises to provide “objective analysis and solutions” to the Russian government. Gorky is part of St. Petersburg State University, where Putin studied law in the 1970s.

In Austria, Kneissl was nominated as minister in 2017 by the far-right FPÖ, the ruling party at the time. She lost this job when the government collapsed due to the so-called “Ibiza scandal”: the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party expressed his willingness in a villa in Ibiza to accept campaign financing from a woman who pretended to be the niece of a Russian oligarch. Kneissl traveled abroad in 2020, saying it was because of “death threats and a de facto work ban in Austria.”

She said in a message via Telegram on Wednesday that she was “living” in Lebanon with her dowries. Leningrad District Veterinary Service She announced after her move The two foals are in good health.

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