The former Australian prime minister had secret powers over five ministerial positions

The former Australian prime minister had secret powers over five ministerial positions

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Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison granted himself powers not over three, but five ministerial positions during the Corona pandemic. This says Albanian Prime Minister (Labour) on the basis of information newly received from the Ministry of Public Affairs. Morrison could have been appointed to those positions alongside ministers in those departments, without informing Parliament. In this way he was granted exceptional powers to define policy.

In addition to finance, health, and raw materials, Morrison (the Liberal Party) can also decide on domestic affairs and the economy.

Al-Albani says this undermined democracy, according to reports News letters. “It is an attack on the system of parliamentary democracy as we know it.” He believes that not only Morrison but his colleagues involved should be held accountable.

The Prime Minister is investigating whether they are legal. “I am seeking more advice on Scott Morrison’s use of these extraordinary powers and other examples.” Two journalists revealed the three ministerial positions in a book. Morrison lost the election last May.


Former Prime Minister Morrison himself defends his steps. “We had to take some extraordinary measures to introduce safeguards,” he said in an interview with the radio station. 2 GB. He says the coronavirus pandemic was an “unprecedented” time.

During the interview, it was not yet known that there were five publications. On the resources front, Morrison halted the gas exploration project, while the original Secretary of State Keith Pitt (National Party) was in favor of drilling. He told the channel that on the issue of finance and health, he did not make decisions that go beyond the current ministers.

Morrison finds it “unfortunate” that he did not share his role as Second Secretary of the Treasury with the then Chancellor of the Exchequer. Matthias Kormann announced yesterday that he was unaware of the construction.

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