The first ATM in Paramaribo

Eerste Cashpnts pinautomaten in Paramaribo

Suriname NV (BNETS) Banking Network will start using the first Cashpnts (ATM) in Paramaribo, on the corner of Kasabaholoweg and Estreliastraat, on October 15. These two cash points are located in the old DSB building. BNETS will soon be moving to this site.

Increasing access to financial services for all citizens is a joint effort enshrined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing, the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Surinamese Bankers Association (SBV) and BNETS.

As part of this cooperation and within the framework of effective financial services provision, it is essential to have a single centralized ATM provider to make cash more readily available, accessible and accessible throughout Suriname. In due course, all ATMs of De Surinaamsche, Finabank, Hakrinbank, Coöperatieve Spaar- en Kredietbank Godo, Surinaamse Postspaarbank and VCB Bank will make a place for the red / gray Cashpnt ATMs. Cash points can be used by customers of all banks.

The first Cashpnt was commissioned on July 31, 2021, in Goejaba Village, Sipaliwini District. In the coming period, several cash points will appear on the streets. From 2022, all ATMs of the above banks will be replaced by Cashpnts.

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