The Financial Control Board rejects regulation of traffic rates

The Financial Regulatory Commission (JCF) tonight, Tuesday, rejected new regulations by the Transport and Other Public Services Bureau (NDSB) that increased towing rates, which has been at the center of the conflict between corporate lawyers and trucks.

““ The Board understands that accepting the proposed regulation is inconsistent with the financial plan. In particular, the process selected by the Bureau does not comply with the Code of Conduct (LPAU, for its abbreviation in English) “, reads the letter sent to the head of the NTSP, Jaime Lafuente Gonzalez.

This decision of the JCF is contrary to the demands Brad Front of Trucks (FAC), The only way to set aside the intent to shut down their services through the permanent legislature is for the JCF to approve the new tariff, which would mean a 35% increase in trucking compensation.

The FAC will begin the strike at midnight on Wednesday.

“For example, the regulatory finance plan and the Unified Management Practices Act, proposed in November 2020, do not provide an adequate summary or brief description of the regulation, nor does it make any reference to private contracts,” he added. General Adviser to the Board in the letter.

The Board understands that it cannot approve this time, especially with regard to private contracts, as the terms do not comply with the financial plan.

The JCF established that “the Board of Supervisors is prepared to work with the NDSP to announce a regulation that is compliant with the proposed financial plan to achieve the objectives of the proposed regulation, including a substantial increase in transport rates, excluding private contracts.”

The rate has not been renewed for more than 15 years, although the NDSP approved provisional rates in December 2020, which was overturned by the Court of Appeal in April this year after a challenge by the Chamber of Commerce.

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