The festival invites the almost homeless Hans de Puig to support the singer: “Everything is arranged for him” | Displays

The festival invites the almost homeless Hans de Puig to support the singer: "Everything is arranged for him" |  Displays

Let Hans de Booij live alone in his caravan with no opportunity to perform? That has to change, think the organizers of the Haring and Beer festival in Vlaardingen. To encourage him, he invites the De Annabel singer to come and sing his songs on Saturday evening. including the additional bill.

Last week, Ben Troster, the festival’s organizer, was informed of Hans de Puig’s dire condition. De Puig told De Telegraaf on Wednesday that he was forced to live in a caravan. Due to the Corona crisis and after contracting the virus, the singer was unable to work for a long time and was therefore no longer able to pay the rent for his apartment. De Booij shared his fear of ending up in a night shelter for the homeless. He said, “I’m at my wits’ end.”

“When I read I thought: This is so sad for him, we have to do something about it,” Troster says. He decides to do everything he can to get Hans de Booij on stage at the Haring and Beer Festival. Fortunately, the singer’s connection was on the inside no time Organizer. Nederpop Allstars and Loïs Lane were already in the festival line-up and were on stage with De Booij quite often. I asked if the Allstars drummer couldn’t call Hans to ask if he couldn’t sing some songs. Including an additional bill of course. ”

And that’s what happened. “De Booij loved performing and is grateful to have had this opportunity from us,” says Trooster. There was only one problem: the singer does not have a driver’s license and can only travel to Vlaardingen. The comforter did not turn his hand to it. We’ve arranged transportation for Hans and paid everything for him, as long as he can stand on the platform. ”

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Saturday Night plays his four greatest hits, inclusive Annabel Naturally. The performance was a great surprise for the visitors, because the organization decided to keep De Booij’s arrival a secret. “That way he can perform his performance in peace, without making too much of a deal out of him. I’ll probably also send him to the hairdresser, which is around the corner. Then he also looks cute and adorable and can move on without any worries in the coming weeks.”

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