Todd Howard: Ten Percent of Planets in Starfield Contain Life Games News

These stories are on inhabited planets, and on some of the smaller planets, of course. Space stations, abandoned mine city, etc. The fact that there are empty planets doesn’t take away from Bethesda’s sauce.

There are a lot of empty spaces in the previous games, where you can only go if you want to. The game should look a bit like Fallout in space, but somewhat larger distances between hubs and villages. Instead of walking through sand for 5 minutes, you will now board your ship and land on another planet where the new quest chain is located. The scale is just bigger in my opinion.

Those empty planets are for people who want to explore them. Find a nice planet for an outpost, maybe one that looks at a gas giant with rings. It is, and still is, endgame stuff. Like modifying the ship. Because long distance items and upgrades are rare. Standard weapon upgrades etc. are doable, but the big stuff is much more expensive.

If you just want to play like the previous games, do less planet exploration and more main missions and side missions. Meanwhile, the scouts are on their way to a new location. Personally, I think this scale is great. But I love to walk around and enjoy the surroundings, and shed a tear that I won’t be able to experience this sight in person. Star Citizen also has this charm, only there you can really fly somewhere and land yourself. In every game (if possible) I turn hud off completely, no map etc. completely off.

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Bethesda has put a lot of effort into it, something for everyone. Empty planets do not mean that they are emotionless or bald. And again you see it that way, and then stick to the tasks and to the surrounding environment. will not be empty. You know how many voice lines there are in this game compared to the previous one, right? That should say enough about the sauce imho.

And now comes the real Bethesda sauce; MODS!
Any standard game is fine, it has potential. Add modifications and you get a first-class game. After a week or two, the weird, time-consuming “game” elements had already been tweaked. Hud has been removed, and new armor, weapons and skins have been added. Starfield has been modified into a whole new location, vehicles, missions, etc. within a year. I really can’t wait!

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