The Eurovision star appeared in The Voice Senior

The Eurovision star appeared in The Voice Senior

No one but Justin Belmilai would take this stage The Voice Senior She does her best to convert the four chairs of the jury members, Angela Grothwezen, Gerard Juling, Els Delange and Frans Bauer. Justin is best known to the general public for her singing duo Justin and Marlon and her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989.

You can watch the performance below.

With the song “Stay As You Are”, it was clearly a favorite in 1989, but due to a dirty note, it took 15th place. A moment that keeps haunting her, because in a video of Nikki De Jager during the first semi-final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, the moment is relived – much to the disappointment of Justin.

In 2005, the singer made another attempt to go to the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song “What You See Is What You Get”, Justin tried to get past the National Song Contest.

The upcoming fourth season of The Voice Senior He gets an extra ring. An RTL spokesperson said that due to the large number of “beautiful stories” of the participating candidates, it was decided to run a total of seven radio programs instead of six. Lake Van Lexmond tells more about the upcoming season in a conversation with Lex.

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