The Eurovision in Concert team does not recognize Duncan Lawrence’s statements

The Eurovision in Concert team does not recognize Duncan Lawrence's statements

The duo will sing their song over a week during the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest by an octave and a half, which is allowed. The version the duo performed on Friday night Khaled and Sofia Singing is vocal and with stringed instruments. In Liverpool, the original version is used, but then it is augmented. According to a spokesperson for AVROTROS, who is in charge of the Dutch entry, this is necessary because “on stage with a different audience, technology and media pressure” the song seemed to be asking a lot of the duo.

The two have sung the song live twice before at the Eurovision Song Contest pre-concerts. Both times the performance is impeccable, including during Eurovision in Concert. Duncan, who was also a guest on the Friday night talk show, blames technology. The organization has now announced that it does not acknowledge Duncan’s statements regarding the technology. “We received very good feedback from both the attendees, the delegates and the artists themselves – including from AVROTROS,” the organization told RTL Boulevard.

Of course we’re sorry that Mia and Dion’s performance didn’t go smoothly, but the organization of Eurovision in Concert can’t be blamed for that. Technology has an absolute priority within our organization, because delegates usually have high expectations for a pre-party in Amsterdam. Therefore we only work with reputable and professional parties. Of course Duncan Laurence was very welcome to AFAS Live a couple of weeks ago. We are convinced he would have come to different conclusions. Of course we wish Mia and Dion all the best at Liverpool.

Mia and Dion will soon leave for Liverpool, where they will take part in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 9. They will compete for a place in the final on May 13.

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