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Five years after its launch, Epic Games has yet to make any money on its Epic Games Store. Steve Allison, president of the digital game store, confirmed this during the lawsuit filed between Epic Games and Google.

Alison stressed that EGS is not yet profitable. The CEO said the company is primarily focused on “growth.” Depending on the edge During the lawsuit between Epic Games and Google. According to emails from a previous lawsuit against Apple, Epic hopes one day Take half of all PC gaming revenue.

The Epic Games Store was introduced in December 2018. Epic sells digital PC games there. The game maker wanted to compete with market leader Steam through its store. The company is trying to gain market share, for example, by offering free games every week and paying some developers to temporarily sell their PC games exclusively through the Epic Games Store. Epic recently did this with Alan Wake 2, for example.

Epic Games also charges a twelve percent commission for game sales through its platform, while Steam charges a thirty percent commission. Epic Games also recently introduced the First Run program, which allows developers to keep all their sales for six months of PC exclusivity in the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games and Google are currently locked in a lawsuit that began on Monday, November 6. Epic accuses Google of abuse of power through the Play Store for Android. The company says Android app developers rely on the Play Store to distribute their apps. Epic claims that Google abuses this power by charging developers a 30 percent commission for sales through the Play Store and not allowing alternative payment methods. The game maker previously sued Apple for a similar reason, but was largely at fault in this case.

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