The energy dispute is not on the agenda for next week’s US-Mexico talks

U.S. hosts Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California

Sep. The so-called high-level economic dialogue comes amid ongoing talks between trade officials over the energy dispute in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.

“The purpose of this meeting is not to resolve the energy issue because the Commerce Department already has a process going on with the US Trade Representative,” Eppard told reporters in Mexico City.

“Therefore, there is no point in meeting the External Affairs Minister to discuss something that is already being discussed by the concerned quarters,” the minister added.

Instead, Ebrard said he and Blinken will explore their vision for North America for “the next 20 years.”

Semiconductors, fifth-generation (5G) telecommunications technology and electromobility are key points to be discussed, Ebrard said, citing efforts to produce batteries for electric cars on the continent.

Washington on July 20 issued a request for dispute settlement talks under the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement, saying Mexican energy policies discriminated against its companies. Canada soon joined the US complaint.

According to USMCA rules, if the complaint is not resolved within 75 days of consultation, a dispute panel may be requested to reconsider the claims. However, an official familiar with the case said those negotiations could last more than 75 days.

Last month, Ebrard said Mexico hoped the dispute would be resolved before it went to arbitration.

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