The Ecuadorian government has issued two statements on the situation in Cuba Politics | News

One started with the embargo on trade and the economic situation in that country, and the other with the desire for freedom and democracy for the Cuban people.

The country faced opposition from the Cuban people against the government of that country due to the passing socio-economic situation, Government of Ecuador Issued two statements with different content.

When Foreign Ministry Report, Now headed by industry diplomat Mauricio Montalvo, Begins by describing the situation in Cuba, “worsening the epidemic and prolonging trade and financial sanctions.” Statement by President Guillermo Lasso It starts with showing solidarity with the Cuban people.

Next, President Lasso declares: “Cuba deserves to be free, it deserves democracy. Because the lack of fundamental freedoms and political rights is the real reason for the fines that citizens face. ”

In the second paragraph, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for “respect for fundamental freedoms”, which refers to the right to freedom of expression and expression.

In a lengthy letter, in the third paragraph, Lasso makes a direct call to the Cuban government to “begin a democratic process to end this situation.”

The Foreign Ministry concludes its statement by “pledging to restore social peace” and says the Ecuadorian government is ready to co-operate to help overcome the situation in the Caribbean.

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In the end, Lasso returns to show solidarity with the Cuban people, demanding “a better future for social peace and respect for human rights.”

In accounts Twitter Two different aspects of the Chancellor and Lasso are highlighted.

The foreign ministry says the government is committed to restoring social peace, and Lasso sympathizes with Cuba in the capital letters and emphasizes the lack of fundamental freedoms of political rights “for the penalties that its citizens enjoy.”

The Foreign Ministry report was released on July 16 and July 17, one day before the President’s statement. However, the President’s letter was later replicated on Foreign Ministry networks.

The protests in Cuba began on July 11 last year. (I)

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