June 5, 2023

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The Dutch responded with reports of Pete Polosma's death: 'It was him again'

The Dutch responded with reports of Pete Polosma’s death: ‘It was him again’

Pete died this afternoon in a hospital in Leeuwarden from the effects of cancer. Omrop Fryslân’s weatherman and Omroep Max have turned 65 years old.

Broadcast head Jan Slaughter calls it so sad we’ll never hear him say his special guard ‘oant moarn’ again. “We are grateful to Pete for all he has done for us and we wish the relatives a lot of strength.”

Thursday on TV

“It’s unbelievable how brave Pete has gone through with his illness,” says Slager. “As long as that lasted, he wanted to keep working.” The Weather Man was last shown on TV on Thursday, and he can still be heard on radio on Friday. His latest weather report can be found on Twitter, and that excites a lot of people.

View the latest Piet weather forecast from last Thursday below:

Pitt began his career as a weather forecaster in 1985 in Omrop Fryslân. There is also great sadness, Editor-in-chief Cyprien Terpstra says:† “He was invaluable and was always there for us. Above all, he was a very nice guy to work with.”

shock and sadness

Later he hacked the weather man on national television. It started in SBS6 and gave daily weather report from different place in Holland. An SBS spokesperson says that Piet will “forever have a special place in SBS6 history and in our hearts.” “We are shocked and saddened by the death of Pete, the Netherlands’ most special weather forecaster and much-loved former colleague.”

also The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) Sad death calls. “Pitt has been an important partner in meteorology.”

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This past January, Pete Knight was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau. Bolsma received this royal decoration from King Commissioner of Friesland Arnaud Brücke and Mayor of Harlingen Ina Serps. Brooke answers: “Pulusma showed himself as a true ambassador of Frislin and the Frisian language.” Tell us on social media outraged by Pete’s death. “His weather forecast was a starting point for many.”

Maurice Midendorp, a Buienradar meteorologist, described Peet’s death as a shock to the meteorologist. “He was one of my great examples.”

“Don’t wave again”

Middendorp is also from Friesland, and he met Pete there about fifteen years ago. “Then I went for a walk with my family, and we happened to come across Pete. He was just recording the weather forecast.” Midendorp was then allowed to say the well-known “Awant Morne”. “Looking back, it’s very nice that I experienced that of course, and so many others with me.”

This can be seen on Twitter. “Never late, never wave again,” Harlingen’s Janet tweeted. Eileen tweeted that Pete had been at her school for two weeks. “Happy and cheerful. What a loss for all of us.” The women’s team from the Drachtster Boys are also looking forward to a visit to Piet. “Great experience. Not to disturb Pete, but forever.”

Many people call Piet a symbol. Meteorologist Midendorp agrees. “He really had his own style. Nice outside, in people, talking about the weather. Pete did a great job. It was him again.”

Midendorp isn’t the only weather announcer to have been shocked by the death of his colleague. The weather woman replies: “I have no words for that.” Helga van Lour† also meteorology Little Gerrit Hemstra icon house. “He was literally and figuratively among the people. Many people will miss him.”

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“Pete, a big tank for everything!”

Piet’s influence on many different people can be read on the social media of famous Dutch people. For example, DJ Jeroen Kijk at de Vegte looks back on the radio broadcast in which he regularly spoke to the weatherman when severe weather appeared. “I have always admired his leadership and work ethic,” writes on twitter† also Radio DJ Coen Swijnenberg It was stripped. “Jeez. Piet Paulusma is dead. Such a terribly good man.”

fellow Frisian Sipke Jan Bousema teaches you He will miss Paulsma dearly. “A creative and reliable weatherman who has always been there and gone for it. Pete, a big tank for everything!”