The doctor must be able to refuse treatment on religious grounds

The doctor must be able to refuse treatment on religious grounds

Benjamin Netanyahu will lead Israel’s most right-wing and religious government from January.AFP photo

Struck “cannot imagine” that this would be seen as religious discrimination in the Jewish state, Struck said on public radio on Sunday. “You can’t force a religious doctor” to provide fertility treatment to an unmarried woman, for example. .

She maintained that she supports anti-discrimination laws, but according to Strock, the intent is not to disregard religious sentiments. “We want to fix that.”

Struck referred to the coalition agreement reached last week. This states that private companies can refuse to provide a service on religious grounds, provided they find an alternative at the same price.

“Gays are not in your hotel”

Another member of the same party, Simshat Rothman, said during the same radio program, for example, that a hotelier should be able to refuse homosexuals to stay in a room on this basis. “If it goes against your beliefs, hurts your religious feelings, and it’s your hotel, I say, ‘No is legal.'”

The new Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu is the most religious and right-wing government the country has ever seen. In addition to Netanyahu’s Likud party, it consists of two ultra-Orthodox parties and three far-right parties. He fears that they will pass legislation that would fundamentally change the country.

For example, they would like a new law that would allow Parliament to pass any legislation it wants, even if it contradicts the basic laws of the country. For example, if a law is introduced prohibiting the prosecution of the current prime minister (Netanyahu is currently on trial for corruption and embezzlement), the Supreme Court can do nothing about it.

“Dark evil land”

Women, the LGBT community, non-Orthodox Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank fear their rights will be undermined by the new government. Current Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who will pass the baton to Benjamin Netanyahu in January, accuses the new government of making Israel a “dark, evil state” – a reference to (Jewish) Sharia.

Netanyahu immediately distanced himself from Struck and Rothman, and vowed that his Likud party would “protect the rights of LGBTQ people and every other Israeli citizen”.

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