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Konrad Tomaskiewicz, former game manager From The Witcher 3 and game manager In Cyberpunk 2077, he started his own studio called Rebel Wolves. The new team includes developers who previously worked on Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series.

Konrad Tomaskiewicz

A new studio has been called Wolves Rebel† Tomaszkiewicz will play the role of CEO and game manager accomplished. On the site, the team says that it has decided to set up a new studio in order to be able to operate under its own conditions. According to the statement, the importance of team, camaraderie and fun is central, because “happy people make great matches.”

In response to GamesBeat’s questions Tomaszkiewicz . says That moving into an independent studio was primarily driven by chasing one’s dreams. “CD Projekt RED works with well-established intellectual property and we wanted to create our own world based on our preferences and needs. We felt we needed a separate place to do that,” said Tomaszkiewicz. He underlines his pride in CD Projekt RED’s past, stresses that it is a great company and wishes the Polish developer all the best.

The Rebel Wolves team says they want to revolutionize the RPG genre. She wants to take this genre one step further. “We don’t want to create another game; we want the game The studio is currently working on an epic story RPG for next-generation computers and consoles. An AAA title should be based on dark fiction with the necessary stories and emotions. The title will be part of the story and will also be based on the Unreal 5 engine. Further details are not available yet.

Tomaszkiewicz and Jakub Szamatek, the current Narrative manager And the writer in the new studio, they insist they won’t be chasing trends and numbers. They see games as a great way to tell stories in which player choices and immersion are very important elements. The developers do not promise in advance that their game will provide a certain number of hours of gameplay. They say they want to focus on quality. Each mission and dialogue will be handcrafted so that players will remember it long after completing the game.

Rebel Wolves is in talks with potential business partners and according to Tomskeewicz, there are already some great offers, but he says it will take some time to make a decision. This is possible, because the new studio is self-financed and does not currently have financial problems.

There are currently about eight people on the Rebel Wolves website who are members of the team. In addition to Tomaszkiewicz and Szamatek, among others design manager Daniel Sadowsky, Animation Director Tamara Zouadeh and Technical Manager Bartlemage Joel is part of the studio. Szamatek has worked on The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Thronebreaker, and Zawada has worked on The Witcher 3 and Shadow Warrior 2, bringing Gawel’s expertise from the three games into the The Witcher series.

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