The developer creates a “Geiger counter” that beeps when the operating system sends data to Google – IT Pro – Geeks

A developer has created an app for Linux that beeps when a website, program, or service sends data to Google. In practice, the Google Counter seems to explode a lot.

The app was created by Bert Hubert, best known as the founder of PowerDNS, among others. Hubert mode Source code for Googerteller on GitHub. he shows on Twitter A short demonstration of how the program works. Hubert visits a Dutch government job vacancy site and gets fanfare on a regular basis, even if he’s typing a URL or rolling out a list. According to him, this happens not only in the Google Chrome browser, but also in Firefox.

Googer Counter makes a sound that sounds like a Geiger counter whenever data is sent to Google servers by any method. This happens, for example, every time a website connects to the widely used Google Analytics tool. Hubert benefited from A general list of IP addresses used by Google. Addresses associated with Google Cloud services are excluded. The program only works on Linux, although there are other hackers Get and run the tool on macOS via pcaudiolib Collect and manually add IP addresses.

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