The cut confirms the motor phase penalty for the United States Grand Prix

Vettel bevestigt motorische gridstraf voor Grand Prix van Verenigde Staten

Ian Parks & Kimberly Hoffnagle

Sebastian Cut He has revealed that he will receive a grid penalty for the United States Grand Prix. The German will receive a completely new power source from Aston Martin, which means he will have to start racing in Austin from the back of the stage.

It has been clear for some time that additional power must be fitted to the cut. The Aston Martin driver’s car came to the first free training session Dutch Grand Prix I.e. stop at the circuit janitor. The session was stopped for more than half an hour because the car was in motion and could not be moved.

This is the fourth race in a row due to the replacement of the Aston Martin engine MercedesPowerful car grid gets fined for using extra mechanical parts. Voltaire Potass Phase punishment in both Italy and Russia Lewis Hamilton On Daniel Ricciardo In Turkey the grid had to take punishment. Hamilton only got one new machine from his team, so no other new components were needed, while Ricciardo and Potas had to replace several parts.

Vettel is looking forward to a tough weekend in Texas

“I think we have a tough weekend,” Vettel told the media. “We’ll change the bike, so we’ll get fined. We’ll see what we can do. However, I think we can be strong here. We have to wait and see how strong we can be. Come on good Sunday afternoon and go back inside [het gevecht] Amounts. “

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