The current public transport chip card will definitely be used until 2025, the successor was introduced in steps

The current public transport chip card will definitely be used until 2025, the successor was introduced in steps

Travelers can purchase the new card both physically and digitally, for example in their mobile phone’s so-called ‘wallet’. “Only when the new system proves itself in terms of customer convenience and reliability can the technology behind the current public transport chip card be discontinued,” said the Secretary of State.

The chip technology in the current public transportation chip card is outdated and needs to be replaced, which means that a new public transportation card is required. From today, it is also possible for the first time in the entire country to check-in on all public transport companies via debit card, credit card or mobile payment application. These payments go through the new OVpay payment system by public transport.

Checking in with a debit card should make travel easier. Heijnen writes “More convenience when traveling means more attractive public transport and with that we hope income growth, which contributes to maintaining public transport supply”.

freedom of choice

According to her, there are no other risks when checking in and out than when using contactless payment daily in, say, a store. “Moreover, travelers have freedom of choice: they can use a bank card, credit card or their mobile phone, but if they prefer to use a public transport pass, this is also possible.”

Now it is possible to travel with only the second-class debit card, without a discount or subscription. Next year, it will be tested whether discounts or lifetime subscriptions can be linked to a debit card.

On March 10, 2021, travelers were able to check-in with their debit card at Lelystad for the first time. Then, people slowly became able to pay for public transport in more and more places in the country with their debit card, and today the Rotterdam RET trams and buses are the last piece.

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To make the new payment method possible, more than 60,000 card readers and OVpay’s public transport gateways had to be replaced or adapted.

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