The CEO of the Trump Organization pleads guilty to imprisonment and fines

The CEO of the Trump Organization pleads guilty to imprisonment and fines


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The former Trump Organization chief has pleaded guilty to tax evasion in New York state court. The employer is the holding company with the companies of former President Trump.

Allen Weisselberg, 75, pleaded guilty to all 15 counts. He admitted that he earned more than $1.7 million in tax-free liens. For example, his grandchildren were paid school fees, he did not have to pay rent for an apartment in Manhattan and he had a luxury rental car at his disposal for free. He also admitted that he deliberately concealed it from the books. He wrote his confession “in a low, somewhat hoarse voice.” Associated Press.

Legal and personal nightmares

Weiselberg was sentenced to five months in prison, but if he behaved well, he could be released after three months. He must also pay $2 million in taxes, fines, and interest and must not commit another crime within the next five years.

The relatively light sentence is part of a deal: Weiselberg has promised to testify truthfully in the Trump Organization’s criminal case, which begins in October.

According to the prosecutor, the holding company provided financial benefits to VIPs, including Weisselberg, for fifteen years. The Trump Organization denies these allegations. Donald Trump himself will not be indicted in this case.

Weisselberg’s lawyer says his client has pleaded guilty to “ending this case and the years of legal and personal nightmares it has caused him and his family”.

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