June 8, 2023

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The “catastrophic situation” in Chernihiv • Zelensky: Mariupol is a Russian war crime

The “catastrophic situation” in Chernihiv • Zelensky: Mariupol is a Russian war crime

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that the siege of Mariupol will go down in history as a war crime committed by the Russian army. “To do this in a peaceful city, what the occupiers did is a horror that will be remembered for centuries,” he said in a new video message.

The president also discussed ongoing talks with Russia on the war. According to Zelensky, these negotiations “are neither easy nor enjoyable, but they are necessary.” Yesterday, he discussed the progress of talks with French President Macron.

Meanwhile, Zelensky said that the Russian army does not collect the bodies of its soldiers in some places. “In places where particularly fierce fighting has taken place, the corpses of Russian soldiers are piled up along our line of defense. And nobody collects these corpses.”

He once again referred to the losses incurred by the Russian side. He said that more than 14,000 Russian soldiers have been killed so far. He addressed Russian citizens in a video message: “This is 14,000 mothers, 14,000 fathers and wives, children, relatives and friends, and you Russians do not notice?”

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