The carbuncle is back and causing nightmares again

The carbuncle is back and causing nightmares again

The documentary, which should be taken with caution, allows Carbonkel to speak again after nearly 20 years of absence. He was the villain in the children’s series I, Mike, Lorland, part of schoolTV And a mild childhood trauma for many elementary school students at the time. Almost every viewer thought it was terrifying. Karbonkel is now responding to the reactions he received in the absurd documentary: “I’m Karbonkel and this is my story. I had a very nice childhood. The first two years, after that it got annoying. Weird,” says the one-eyed monster.

And he continues, “I was always the loser. Then a group at school asked me to the fair, but then I got there and no one was there.”

There was a massive response on Twitter to the bizarre documentary: “A totally unexpected approach to… Carbuncle: The Ugly TruthAbout the Carboneki PhenomenonNS. It’s wonderfully absurd “and I have no idea what I’ve just been watching for half an hour”, is what it is written.

For many, nightmares are immediately aroused again:

Curious about the documentary? It can be seen below.

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