The bullet that killed the Palestinian journalist may have come from Israel

The bullet that killed the Palestinian journalist may have come from Israel

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The US State Department has concluded that the fatal bullet that hit Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in early May likely came from Israeli locations. The Americans say there is no reason to believe that the bullet was fired intentionally, but they speak of “tragic circumstances” that led to the death of the 54-year-old Al Jazeera journalist.

The State Department bases these conclusions, among other things, on forensic research into the bullet found in Abu Akle’s body. The bullet, which the Palestinian authorities handed over to the United States, was badly damaged. As a result, experts cannot give a definitive answer to the question of who fired, as can be read a permit Ministry.

According to Israel, the bullet was examined by an Israeli expert under American supervision. The Americans assert that the researcher is neither an Israeli nor a Palestinian. The Palestinians allowed the bullet to be transferred on the condition that the bullet did not reach the hands of the Israelis.

The Abu Akleh family describes the US as having found it an “insult” and finds it inconceivable that investigators have not been able to clearly identify who fired the shot. “We will continue to defend justice for Shereen and hold the IDF and the government accountable,” the family said in a statement.

Israel is responsible

In addition to the criminal investigation, findings were taken from the Palestinian and Israeli investigations into the journalist’s murder. Israel denies shooting Abu Akleh. The state admitted that the journalist had been mistakenly injured during a clash with Palestinian militias. But according to eyewitnesses, including colleagues from Abu Akleh, there were no armed men in her immediate surroundings.

The American CNN channel had concluded earlier that the occupation soldiers had already shot Abu Akleh. Journalists rely on conversations with eyewitnesses and experts, and on analysis of audio, photo, video and aerial footage. The Washington Post and New York Times reached similar conclusions.

Al-Jazeera news channel, which Abu Okla worked for, and the Palestinian authorities are talking about a deliberate attack on the journalist and holding Israel responsible. The UN human rights agency also concluded last month that Israeli forces were responsible for Abu Akle’s death.

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