June 3, 2023

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The BBB will certainly not cooperate in the expropriation of farmers in the provincial governments

The BBB will certainly not cooperate in the expropriation of farmers in the provincial governments

According to BBB leader Caroline van der Plaas, her party has a good chance of becoming the largest party in five provinces in the upcoming county council elections in March. If her party participated in the governance in the provinces, the party would “definitely not” cooperate in the expropriation of farmers. This is what Van der Plas said on the WNL Op Zondag TV show on NPO 1 in the plans.

BoerBurgerBeweging has been scoring high in the polls for months now, so Van der Plas assumes a big win in the district council election in March. With this possible power, Van der Plas has different plans: `We want to supply Dupted of Agriculture in the provinces where we have become the largest. It’s the provinces that have to implement the nitrogen policy, and we always want to prioritize the farmers who want to stop voluntarily. In any case, we will definitely not cooperate with the forfeiture. ” This means that BoerBurgerBeweging will not implement government policy on nitrogen at this point.

The first room

A good election result in the provinces also means a number of seats in the Senate for BoerBurgerBeweging and thus more political influence. We will also become an important discussion partner for the government with a large number of seats in the Senate. Roti and Kaj are not just going for coffee. We’ll look at every topic where we can negotiate, not just for nitrogen,” Van der Plaas said on WNL op Zondag.

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