‘The Bachelor’ Tony Jr.: ‘Women send me a picture behind them’ | stars

'The Bachelor' Tony Jr.: 'Women send me a picture behind them' |  stars

Tony Jr: ‘Women literally present themselves. Some women send a picture of an ass, others ask, “What time can I come?” But I also receive very nice messages. “It’s so intense,” says Tony. FHM. Last week, it became clear that Tony Jr. has become single again after a short-lived affair with Julia, the woman he married. BSC he met.

However, Tony still aspires to a relationship. “I don’t have a life of 9 to 5 years. That can be a lot of fun, but you have to be able to handle it. I’ve noticed in the past that it can be done just fine. And it can come too. China for two months could be a bit difficult.”

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His relationship with his ex-girlfriend and singer Maan de Steenwinkel was also briefly discussed. What do you think about sharing it? BSC? “She was the first to tell him. I was shocked for the first three minutes. Then she said, ‘I hope you can show me the Tony I’ve known for three years.’ I thought that was very beautiful and also typical of the way we still relate to each other today.”

Reality stars are increasingly facing hate online, with all its consequences. Should they protect themselves? This and more in the podcast T generation.:

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