The Amsterdam Jonas Building has been voted Building of the Year 2023

The Amsterdam Jonas Building has been voted Building of the Year 2023
Jonas Building in IJburg in Amsterdam

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The Jonas complex in Amsterdam has been voted Building of the Year 2023. The building in the IJburg district, which has been fully opened since this year, contains living and working spaces. Recreation is also possible, for example on the rooftop beach.

The Association of Dutch Architects Branch, which awards the award, praises the combination of sustainability and affordability of the building. “It is critical that these examples are widely followed in order to achieve the Dutch target of 50 percent circular construction in 2030,” said jury chair Ed Nibbles. AT5.

Interior view of the Jonas Building

So a building that is as sustainable as possible was the goal of the architectural firm Orange Architects. For example, rainwater is used to flush toilets, birds’ nests provide cleaner water in the surrounding harbour, and plenty of solar panels have been installed.

Singer Larin Museum

The renovation of 94 homes in Van der Pekbuurt in Amsterdam took home the overall award. “At first glance, little seems to have changed, but it is precisely this humility that makes it so special,” the report says.

Last year, the Singer Laren Museum was awarded Best Building. The building extension is a good example of how improving an existing building is sometimes a better option than building something new, the jury ruled.

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