The actress in ‘The Crown’ gets a lot of praise

The actress in 'The Crown' gets a lot of praise

Elizabeth Debicki has received many compliments from the press and viewers for her acting, as well as from biographer Andrew Morton.

The latest season of the crown It appeared on Netflix this week. The series received a lot of criticism. But there is also a positive point.

For the fifth season of the crown Lots of things have changed. There is an almost entirely new crew.

Brand new staff
Debicki is one of those new actors, so there was a lot of pressure for her to perform well.

Many consider that Debicki was exceptional in the role of Princess Diana. The actress made sure to love the press and the public to watch. The producers are also very satisfied with Debicki.

Congratulations to Debeki
Debicki even received compliments from Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton. And when he says that Debicki looks just like a real princess, you can definitely believe it.

Here’s what he had to say about Debicki’s acting in an interview with Good Morning Britain:

“It was like being in a room with Diana. I’m not just saying this, but her acting really shows the Diana that I got to know over a few years back in the early ’90s.”

Looking at over here the crown

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