The 75-year-old Hans is delighted with his voice in I Can See Your Voice

The 75-year-old Hans is delighted with his voice in I Can See Your Voice

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the latest episode of I can see your voice

Van Ruben wants to make a documentary for an institution in Sri Lanka with 5,000 euros he might earn. The Leader There is also a chance of winning, but it does not go well for him. One by one the singer disappears from the game. Also, The Living Legend didn’t work out and had to leave the truth stage, something Mariki is secretly happy about. The radio DJ is convinced that he is a comedian and that he cannot sing.

Unfortunately for Mariki – and cheerleader Robin – they turn out to be wrong. “Guys, you have heard, at last,” she said proudly before unveiling. “Yes, you’ve heard, but it’s all going wrong, my dear!” Fred is already feeling the mood. The 75-year-old Hans loves nothing more than singing and performing and has been a singer for the past sixty years.

He has already shared the stage with many artists and in his younger years sang in an ensemble in which he sang mainly abroad. “that’s cool!” Fred completes it afterwards. “I think it is beautiful and special that you can still please so many people with your beautiful music,” Edisiliya also admired. “I think it’s cool, beautiful.”

I can see your voice It can be seen every Friday at 8 pm. on RTL 4. Or watch the episode (in advance) on Videoland.

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