Tested: This is the best steam iron | living

Tested: This is the best steam iron |  living

What is the best steam iron? And which model has the best value for money? Consumers Association answers.

Many people do not like ironing and find it a rather boring job. Make it easier on yourself by choosing a good iron, which can save you a lot of frustration. Do you iron often? Then you can also choose a steam generator instead of a steam iron. They are often a little more expensive to buy.

The Consumers Association tests steam irons for smoothness, durability, reliability, and ease of use. A total of 31 readily available devices were tested.

In the steam iron category, the Braun iron is the best in the test. This is also very affordable and therefore also the best buy. A more expensive model from Philips scores just as well as Braun, but it is not only the best buy, but also the best in the test.

More irons came out as the best on the test. We highlight the lowest priced irons here.

Best in Test and Best Buy: Braun SI 3030 PU TexStyle 3

Braun SI 3030 PU TexStyle 3. © Consumers Association

Water tank capacity: 0.31 liters

Weight (for iron): 1.6 kg

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Choose the best steam iron for you

This compact Braun iron is ready to use in no time. It is also reasonably priced, which is why the iron is the best in the test and the best buy.

The scratch-resistant soleplate of the iron allows you to move smoothly over the fabrics. Softening light cotton and cotton fabrics is more than enough for this steam iron. The wire does not get in the way and follows your every move. The light under the handle is very clear.

However, not everything is great about the Braun SI 3030 PU TexStyle 3. The handle of the steam regulator for continuous steam is slippery and feels uncomfortable. The thermostat knob is located under the knob. The markings on them are small and have very little contrast. The manual for this device is really substandard.

However, the price-quality ratio of this Braun is quite good. It’s perfect for a job in between because the iron heats up in a jiffy. This iron is also suitable if you have a lot of laundry. Then you can easily refill the water tank in between.

Best in the test: Philips GC4567 / 80 Azur

Philips GC4567 / 80 Azur.

Philips GC4567 / 80 Azur. © Consumers Association

Water tank capacity: 0.31 liters

Weight (for iron): 1.6 kg

See all tested steam irons

Choose the best steam iron for you

Like most irons, the Philips GC4567 / 80 Azur has trouble smoothing out heavy cotton fabrics. But he didn’t come out as the best in the audition for nothing. This iron is very stiff and lighter fabrics can be smoothed out well.

Azur lasts a long time, and achieves excellent results in longevity. The heating time is great, so you don’t have to wait long to iron your clothes. The device is equipped with a long cord that moves gently with ironing movements.

You can remove scale from Philips quickly and easily. The device’s buttons and settings are also easy to use. And also important: the price-quality ratio is excellent.


In this column we write weekly about home and technology appliances tested by the Consumers Association. This is a collaboration between the freelance editors of this site and the Consumers Association.

The Consumer Association tests thousands of products every year, along with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories at home and abroad. The tested products are store-bought so that they are not pre-tampered by the manufacturers.

New forms are tested as soon as possible after submission. How quickly this varies for each product. The best in the test is the product with the best test rating. This can also be a somewhat outdated model, because the newer one is not always better. Best Buy is the product at the best value for money.

The advertised price of the product is the lowest retail price currently known to the Consumers Association. But prices can vary per day. If there is no known recent retail price, the target price will be quoted.

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