Tested: This is the best indoor security camera | best test

Tested: This is the best indoor security camera |  best test

What is the best indoor surveillance camera? And which one has the best value for money? Consumers Association answers.

Indoor security cameras are also known as indoor cameras or indoor cameras. Unlike outdoor cameras, indoor cameras do not have to be dustproof and waterproof. Of course, good picture and sound are important. But privacy and digital security are also taken into account. You don’t want strangers to be able to see your house.

The Consumer Association tests security cameras with Wi-Fi or wire, for indoor and outdoor use, among other things, image quality, sound quality, motion detection, and notifications. A total of about 95 cameras have been tested and are currently reasonably available.

Among the 25 indoor cameras tested, the Ring Cam came out as the best camera in the test. Eufy camera is the best buy.

Note: More internal cameras came out on top in the test. Here we highlight the camera at the lowest price.

Best in the Test: Ring Indoor Cam (White)

Consumers Association

© Consumers Association

Price: 59 euros
Test rule: 7.6
Max video resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
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This camera from Ring is particularly easy to use. You can easily set it up using the app. You can also talk to someone at home via the app, although there is a slight audio delay.

Image quality is decent, but not great. There are cameras with a sharper image. The horizontal viewing angle is 112 degrees, which means you can visualize a lot. But you cannot rotate the camera remotely.

If you wish, you can set it to notify you immediately when the camera detects something. You will also receive an automatic notification if the connection to the camera is lost.

You can save photos to Ring’s cloud environment. You then have to get a paid subscription. Ring’s cheapest subscription now costs €4 per month. Unfortunately, this is also the only way to save the image. You cannot use an SD card with this camera.

The camera only works with WiFi. You cannot connect it via a fixed connection. This is also immediately dangerous. pity if someone is using WiFi the camera will stop working.

Best Buy: Eufy Indoor Cam 2K (White)

Consumers Association

© Consumers Association

Price: 48 EUR
Test rule: 7.5
Max video resolution: 2304 x 1296 pixels
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This Eufy camera isn’t much different from the Ring camera in terms of test judgment and price. It’s a little cheaper and a little lower grades.

But there are really all kinds of differences. For example, it scores slightly lower in terms of ease of installation and sound quality. But you can connect this camera via WiFi and a stable connection. Image quality is a bit better too.

Horizontal viewing angle 103 degrees. This is slightly more than average for these types of cameras. You can rotate this remote camera horizontally and vertically.

Just like with Ring, photos can be stored in a paid cloud environment. This costs €3 for 30-day storage. But with Eufy, you can also use an SD card (maximum 256GB).

The Eufy camera is also very easy to use. The app is less attractive than the Ring app, but it works just fine otherwise. You can also have a conversation, but the sound is not optimal.

A disadvantage of this camera is that you will not receive a notification if the connection is lost.


In this column we write weekly about home and technology appliances tested by the Consumers Association. This is a collaboration between the freelance editors of this site and the Consumers Association.

The Consumer Association tests thousands of products every year, along with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories at home and abroad. The products tested are store-bought so that they are not pre-tampered with by the manufacturers.

New forms are tested as soon as possible after submission. How quickly this varies for each product. The best in the test is the product with the best test rating. This can also be a somewhat outdated model, because the newer one is not always better. Best Buy is the product at the best value for money.

The advertised price of the product is the lowest retail price currently known to the Consumers Association. But prices can vary per day. If there is no known recent retail price, the target price will be quoted.

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