Test before your flight? Busier now, and then the holidays haven’t come yet

Test before your flight?  Busier now, and then the holidays haven't come yet

Provider Spoedtest.nl received around €100,000 per day before October 1, says owner Rasmus Emmelkamp. Now this is already 300,000 euros. “I expect the price to go up even more, the holidays are still coming,” he says.

‘An increase of more than 25 percent’

It’s also significantly busier at the Coronalab provider, says CEO Patrick de Boer. “The number of tests has increased by more than 25 per cent. The demand is growing exponentially, especially in big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.” The company has 28 branches, from Groningen to Maastricht.

Test prices can vary greatly. The emergency test asks for €79.95 for the PCR test. That could be much cheaper, Emelkamp says. “We have partnerships with travel service providers such as Vakantiediscounter and TUI. If you book with such an organization and then test with us, you get a huge discount.”

Test cost

At Coronalab, the PCR test costs 69 euros and a rapid test costs 39 euros. “Also expect a peak in the fall vacation,” says owner De Boer. Coronalab cooperates with ANWB, the price of the PCR test is 49 euros.

There is no fear of crowds among the providers. The real crowds of last summer are no longer expected now that many people have also been vaccinated. Emmelkamp of Spoedtest.nl says: “Maybe it’s really busy for a day or two near the holidays, but if needed we’ll use staff. We’re doing what we can”

This is how the test works now

There are many situations in which you can now perform a corona test. If you want to travel, but also if you want to go to an activity or event in the Netherlands or if you have complaints. Something small:

  • Test before your flight: You can now do this via a commercial test provider of your choice and you have to pay for it. From mid-October you can also contact a test provider from the Open Netherlands Foundation, but then you will always receive an antigen test, which is not always enough for your trip.
  • event test: You can do this via an access test and it’s free. “You will be tested here with rapid antigen tests approved by the RIVM.”
  • Complaint test Or if you are in close contact: then you have to go to GGD which is also free. Make an appointment for a corona test online or over the phone.
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So vacation can be expensive if you don’t get vaccinated, but not only then. In most countries, you enter the country with a certificate of vaccination, but some countries or regions always require a test, even if you have been vaccinated. Curaçao for example. Anyone who wants to go there must bring a test statement.

Rules by country

So the rules can be different for each country. Through the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Find out which rules apply to your vacation country.

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