Tesla develops a battery that can last 100 years

Tesla develops a battery that can last 100 years

Tesla has developed a battery with an “extra long life”. A nickel-based battery can last up to 100 years without losing the advantages of current lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The battery in question should be placed in a place where a constant ambient temperature of 25 degrees can be maintained. Such conditions are difficult to imitate in practice. However, it is possible to compare the reference with other techniques. This shows that the battery cells described in the article can still last much longer than today’s conventional lithium iron phosphate batteries. The benefits of energy density and charging speed are maintained. Also, the service life will be longer when environmental conditions change drastically, such as temperatures above 40, 50 or 70 degrees.

The improved values ​​are the result of the use of LiFSi lithium salts. The benefits also apply to other nickel-based processes, where little or no cobalt is required. The latter is important because cobalt mining causes air, water, and soil pollution.

In 2016, Tesla established “Advanced Battery Research” in Canada, through a collaboration with Jeff Dahn’s Battery Laboratory at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Tesla recently extended the contract with the group until 2026. The group owns a research paper Illustrated story posted above.


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