Tensions rise between Belarus and EU: Lukashenko suspends Eastern bloc participation in EU camp

Alexander Lukashenko strains relations between Belarus and the European Union (EFE / MAXIM GUCHEK)

Belarus announces suspension of European Union (EU) participation in Eastern bloc, A place for reconciliation between the Coalition and the former Soviet republics, to oppose it Sanctions imposed against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko After the interruption of the commercial flight.

“Our obligations under this Agreement cannot be met in the light of the sanctions and restrictions imposed by the EU.”, The Belarusian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that its ambassador to Brussels had been invited for “consultations”. He also said he started “Use Suspension Procedures.”

Europeans have stepped up pressure against Belarus following the repression of a broad opposition movement provoked by the August 2020 re-election. It is considered a fraud by President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusian ministry “invites” head of European delegation to Belarus to return to Brussels “To inform their leaders of the unacceptability of pressures and sanctions.”

According to the Belarusian regime, the suspension of the Eastern Partnership, launched in 2009 with six countries, “This will negatively affect relations with the EU in the fight against illegal immigration and organized crime.”

To European officials involved in expanding sanctions against Belarus They will be barred from entering their territory, According to the same source.

Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, decision of Belarus
Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, “backs” Belarus’ decision (REUTERS / Johanna Geron)

This Belarusian retaliation comes after the new round of economic and personal sanctions adopted by Europeans They came into effect last week.

In response, European sanctions were adopted On May 23 a Ryanair commercial plane was intercepted by the Belarusian government Flying over the territory of Belarus and Opposition journalist Roman Protashevich and his Russian partner Sofia Sabeka were arrested.

President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michael, Consider “backwards” Belarus’ decision to suspend participation in the Eastern Partnership Program on Monday. “Belarus today took another step back by suspending its contribution to the Eastern Partnership”, Tweeted the chairman of the Council representing EU countries.

The move, according to Michael, “This will increase tensions and have a clear negative impact on the Belarusian people by seizing opportunities for our cooperation.”

Thus, the Belgian politician issued two messages: One was aimed at the Belarusian people and the other at the Lukashenko regime.

“To the people of Belarus: you can count on the EU. We are on your side with solidarity and practical support,” said Michael, and It was a reminder of his “right” to elect a president through “new free and fair elections.”

He further added that “the rule of President Lukashenko: put the future of Belarus first.”

The European Union imposed sanctions on Belarus last Thursday In the face of human rights violations and civil society, anti-democracy and violent repression of the press.

Faced with growing tensions with the West, Lukashenko strengthens his alliance with Russia (via Sputnik / Sergey Ilyin / Kremlin REUTERS)
Faced with growing tensions with the West, Lukashenko strengthens his alliance with Russia (via Sputnik / Sergey Ilyin / Kremlin REUTERS)

Sanctions These include restricting the trade in products used in the production of petroleum products, potash and tobacco products. For his part, Lukashenko said last week that he was ready to introduce martial law in Belarus. EU sanctions on the economy of the former Soviet republic.

“Should not be There is no (economic) decline in any company. We will use martial law if necessary. “The president said this during a visit to the Crotno region in light of the potential economic consequences of sectoral sanctions.

According to Lukashenko, He stressed that the Belarusian economy should not be affected by EU regulations, so find new ways to diversify the economy: “We have to show these traitors on the other side of the border Its barriers speak to its inability. We will do it ”.

Belarus was part of the Eastern Partnership with the European Union, Created in 2009 by Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

The European Union (EU) has backed the opposition’s peaceful struggle against fraud in the August 2020 presidential election. It has repeatedly demanded the release of political prisoners.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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