Tension mounts: Is Matthijs van Nieuwkirk afraid of this scandal file?

Tension mounts: Is Matthijs van Nieuwkirk afraid of this scandal file?

Tension is mounting for Matthijs van Nieuwkirk. Tomorrow the article about the presenter’s whims will appear in de Volkskrant. It appears to have been a very extensive investigation, because the newspaper spent five months on it. However, many stories have already surfaced.

What should Matthias fear?

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is said to have been responsible for the “culture of dirty fear” that prevailed behind the scenes at De Wereld Draait Door for years. One of his former employees demolished the school in De Telegraaf some time ago. Although she did not name Matthijs, the whole of Hilversum immediately suspected that it was Matthijs. Soon after, Volkskrant announced that it was working on an article on Matisse.

We are now five months later and the time has finally come: tomorrow the article about the presenter will appear in de Volkskrant. Tension mounts, because what is Matijs afraid of?

“studio executioner”

Matthijs has been described by many as a “studio hangman”. For example, a source told Privé Weekly that the studio staff were very afraid of him. why? He insults the people who, along with him, made this program a success, in an incredible way. Many people are terrified of him and his mood swings. What is a good idea one day, can be very stupid the next.”


But that’s not all: Matisse could also have shared a bed with many of the women who participated in De Wereld Draait Door. Years ago, when Matthijs was still with Karin van Munster, he was known as a cheater. “The only thing that seems to interest him is getting as many ladies as possible into his bed,” said a woman who introduced herself as Matisse’s ex in 2007.

However, we will only know the truth of all the stories tomorrow, when Volkskrant is on the doormat. Mattis himself had already read the article. “He was allowed to read the piece,” René van der Gyp told Today Inside earlier this week. “There should only have been three journalists there, because they were afraid he would take pictures of that piece.”

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