Tens of thousands of claims for damages caused by delayed or canceled flights | Currently

Tens of thousands of claims for damages caused by delayed or canceled flights |  Currently

Because of the chaos in European aviation, the number of passenger claims for delayed or canceled flight has risen sharply. Companies such as EUclaim, Vlucht-verraagd.nl and Aviclaim have accepted claims of more than €38 million since the beginning of April, according to reports. news hour Monday.

Key player Flight-delayed.nl has received nearly 70,000 claims since April. This includes about 23 million euros, assures director Tom van Buchoven.

People not only want to get their ticket back, but they also hope to get additional compensation by working with the claims organization. It can be up to 600 euros.

Due to staff shortages in security and baggage handling, Schiphol has had many problems lately. The airport cannot handle the summer crowds, and therefore has announced measures to reduce crowds somewhat. This is also why airlines will have to cancel or move many flights to other airports this summer.

Van Bukoven stresses that the allegations don’t just come from people who were victims of the crowds in Schiphol. “This is actually happening everywhere. In Lufthansa and Ryanair, for example, there have been big strikes and people who participated are entitled to compensation.”

news hour He made a call to several claim clubs. According to the current affairs program, the amount in EUclaim increased to 11 million euros and in Aviclem the total amounted to 4.5 million euros. If this claim club succeeds in arranging for compensation, a portion of that compensation will be for the claim club itself.

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