Tens of thousands of Afghans are still trapped in US military bases abroad

Tens of thousands of Afghans are still trapped in US military bases abroad

The United States and other countries carried out massive airstrikes last month in the Afghan capital, Kabul. It happened after the militant Taliban reached the city after a lightning strike. Western nations expelled civilians and former Afghan workers who were in great danger.

There are still about 49,000 evacuees from eight military bases on U.S. soil, the newspaper quotes from internal government documents. Another 18,000 are staying at US bases abroad. Some stay there for a few weeks, but those who are evicted have to wait longer.

That delay is associated with a small spread of measles. At least seven Afghans were diagnosed with the disease. So the US government did not temporarily allow Afghanistan to fly to the United States from foreign military bases.

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that “all flights have been grounded due to measles.” The number of corona infections among those expelled from Afghanistan is not bad, as can be concluded from the government document dated September 10th. It is not clear how many Afghans tested positive for the virus after being expelled.

Several evacuees arrived at Dallas International Airport in the state of Virginia. Hospitals there have complained to the national government that the pressure on health is increasing as many Afghans are in need of medical help.

Before Afghans move to a new place of residence in the United States, they must first be vaccinated against all kinds of diseases. It happens on military bases in the United States and soon on foreign bases as well.

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