Ten dead and 100 wounded in an Israeli raid on the West Bank

Ten dead and 100 wounded in an Israeli raid on the West Bank
Palestinian relatives mourn the death of a Palestinian killed in the Israeli invasion

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The Israeli army launched a massive raid on the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Health Authority speaks of at least ten dead and more than a hundred wounded. The operation is considered one of the bloodiest in more than a year.

The raid ended in broad daylight with widespread gunfire. The Israeli army said in a statement that the Israeli army had closed all entrances to the city with armored cars and was looking for three Palestinian militants. The trio take cover in a building.

Throw stones

According to the military, the militants had the opportunity to surrender, but instead they opened fire. A number of militias participated in the clash. Palestinian youths also threw stones at the Israeli army.

One of the buildings completely collapsed due to the bombing, and other buildings were pierced with bullets. According to the Palestinian Health Authority, 102 people were injured, six of them in critical condition. The oldest fatal victim is 72 years old. There is uncertainty about the number of civilian casualties.

The IDF reported that no soldiers were injured. The three wanted suspects were to be killed.

It has been very unstable in the West Bank for a long time. Last month, Israeli forces killed at least nine Palestinians in a similar operation in the northern West Bank. Shortly thereafter, at least seven people were killed in an attack near a synagogue in Jerusalem.

2022 was According to the United Nations The deadliest year in ages. More than 150 Palestinians and more than 20 Israelis were killed in attacks, raids and clashes between the army and Palestinian militias.

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