Temperatures soar on Wednesday: ‘But you can barely see the sun’

Temperatures soar on Wednesday: 'But you can barely see the sun'

March is in stark contrast to last year, when it was our sunniest March on record. This year, the hours of sunshine are below average.

wet snow

Today and tomorrow we just have to enjoy it, that sun. This afternoon it looks fine in the west and north with, according to De Jong, “a little sunshine”. It is also still dry almost everywhere in those areas. Indoors, the sun alternates with rain, hail or sleet.

It’s 7 or 8 degrees in the afternoon, and it’s cool all the time of the year. It’s all about the winds coming from the north. “Over Iceland and around the North Pole it’s incredibly cold, if you go south it’s very warm there, about 25 degrees in Spain.”

The sun has a lot of power

But, says de Jong: The Sun has a lot of power now. “So you can still enjoy the sun in a sheltered spot. Just don’t shower in the winter like that.”

Speaking of those rains: This spring has been pretty wet, even double in places than usual. This is also in contrast to last year. This wet event is very beneficial to nature: “This weekend, April 1st, the growing season begins. This time there is enough water in the ground, which has been different in recent years.”

The next few days will be subject to change again. Tomorrow is an exception and then we can finally enjoy a dry day with plenty of sunshine, especially at the beginning of the day. During the afternoon clouds will increase from the west.

The first rains are not expected until early tomorrow evening in the west of the country. In the afternoon the temperature does not exceed 8 degrees. The south wind increases to moderate speed and becomes somewhat strong along the coast.

wind shift

“The wind will turn to the southwest from tomorrow and then you will have to deal with softer air and temperatures around 13 or 14 degrees.” Not much sun then.

The afternoon temperature will rise from 14 to 17 degrees locally on Wednesday. On weekends the temperature will be from 11 to 13 degrees. And then? “This uncertainty remains very high. Weather models indicate that it could reach 6 to 18 degrees after the weekend.”

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