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Telegram will end the limit for up to 1,000 viewers in live broadcasts and group video calls. As of Update 8.0, which was released this week, these video streams can be viewed by an unlimited number of users.

Telegram has raised the 1,000-person viewer limit from video calls in group chats and live broadcasts in so-called channels, the developer reported in Blog post. This does not mean that all viewers can also actively participate in a chat or live broadcast. As before, up to thirty people can operate the camera at the same time or share their screen during a video call or live broadcast.

Telegram is also modifying the media forwarding feature, using flexi charging. This gives users the option to hide comments from photos and videos. Also, since the 8.0 update, users can hide the name of the original sender.

Moreover, users can switch channels more easily. When users scroll to the end of the channel, a prompt appears at the bottom of the screen where they can scroll up. Telegram automatically switches to the next chat channel with unread messages. become too common Stickers are now featured in the app and new animated emojis in Telegram.

Earlier this week Sensor Tower analysts have reported that Telegram has been downloaded over a billion times since the platform was released in 2013. The app is said to have grown exponentially in recent years. Start this year Telegram has already stated that it has more than 500 million active users.

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