Taylor Swift postpones her concert in Rio after one of her fans died due to the heat

Taylor Swift postpones her concert in Rio after one of her fans died due to the heat

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Taylor Swift is putting her concerts ahead of her Ages-The concert tour ends in Rio de Janeiro tonight due to the death of a fan. Anna Benevides, 23, attended yesterday’s party and suffered two cardiac arrests due to the extreme heat. He died on the way to the hospital.

In a handwritten statement on Instagram, Swift said: “I’m writing this from the stadium locker room: We have decided to postpone tonight’s concert. The safety and health of my fans, fellow artists and crew always comes first.” Swift will perform three times in Rio de Janeiro. The concert she was supposed to perform tonight has been postponed to Monday. It looks like her concert tomorrow will continue as usual for the time being.

It’s currently very hot in Rio de Janeiro, with wind chill temperatures reaching around 59 degrees. Benevides flew for the first time in her life, and posted a video on Instagram of herself, like thousands of others, waiting in line at the stadium. Once inside the stadium it got hotter. Other fans described it as “like a sauna.” It was so hot that people’s hair became wet with sweat as soon as they entered. Visitors told the AP they had trouble breathing and sometimes feared they would faint.

Water distribution

Brazil’s Justice Minister in X pledged that water bottles for personal use are now allowed at concerts and festivals, and that concert organizers must provide free water. More first aid personnel are also being deployed.

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