Tanks for Ukraine and Putin warn residents of Kherson | Currently

Tanks for Ukraine and Putin warn residents of Kherson |  Currently

NU.nl regularly gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. This time: Vladimir Putin emphasized that the Kherson people should leave due to the approach of the battle. Consider reports from the region for Ukraine and Kyiv could soon see close to a hundred tanks, along with hundreds of millions of euros in military aid.

First of all, Kherson: there the Russian president first spoke in favor of population transfer. According to the Russian reading, the population is being “evacuated” for security reasons. Kyiv argues that Russia is trying to deport as many residents as possible (a war crime) before it is forced to return the region for good.

Ukrainian forces are advancing steadily towards Kherson. On Thursday, reports appeared for the first time that Russia was preparing for a general withdrawal from the occupied territories. The Russians wish to regroup on the eastern side of the Dzhneber River. This speculation was fueled by statements from Russia-appointed officials in the region.

On Friday, little news came from the front lines in Kherson. There was only some uncertainty about imposing a permanent curfew. After that, residents will not be allowed to leave their homes for the whole day. At first, a curfew seemed imminent, until the Russian occupation forces opposed it.

Ukraine can look forward to tanks and other military support

There was a lot of news mainly from other countries. For example, the Netherlands and the United States introduced major new military support packages. Both countries donate a total of 90 tanks to Ukraine. The first tanks should arrive next month.

These are “modern and refurbished” T-72 tanks. Military vehicles are supplied from the Czech Republic, which also makes a financial contribution. The Netherlands and the United States each pay 45 million euros.

T-72 tank.

T-72 tank.

T-72 tank.

picture: defense

Olungren delivers on his promise

Defense Minister Kagsa Olongren promised last month that Ukraine could expect new military support. It now delivers on that promise. The entire military aid package is worth 120 million euros, but Olungren does not say where the other 75 million euros are aimed. The Netherlands has already provided a total of more than 350 million euros in military support.

NATO member states have been trying for some time to collect additional weapons for Ukraine. In October, the organization stated that its stockpile of weapons is dwindling due to continuing arms deliveries. That is why military equipment is bought elsewhere.

The US aid package includes a total of 400 million euros in military aid. In addition to tanks, the United States also supplies modern anti-aircraft missiles. According to experts, the weapons are better than the Stinger surface-to-air missiles, with which Kyiv is currently supplied with large stocks.

Millions of Ukrainians again without power

Ukraine is in dire need of anti-aircraft defense due to the constant Russian bombing. President Volodymyr Zelensky said that up to 4.5 million residents were without electricity on Thursday night. Darkness fell in the capital, Kyiv, and ten other regions among other places.

Zelensky talks about “energy terror”. “It shows the weakness of our enemy. They cannot defeat us on the battlefield and so they are trying to destroy our people in this way.”

Russia has intensified its missile and drone attacks on the neighboring country in recent weeks after Moscow accused the Ukrainian government of bombing the Crimean bridge. Ukraine’s energy supply has often been targeted.

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