Talpa in conversation with Peter Gillies after the alleged assault | Television

Talpa in conversation with Peter Gillies after the alleged assault |  Television

“I spoke with Peter Gillies and Nicole for quite some time a few days ago, and actually just asked a simple question: I want to know exactly from your mouth what exactly happened,” Lorenz said on Shownieuws on Friday. He was told the story “too widely”, but he did not want to say anything about it due to secrecy. “Because she still has to talk to the police and tell her story there.”

Earlier this month, some details about the alleged assault case were already known at Den Bosch Court. Gillies is said to have bitten Nicole in the back and nose, among other things.

Talpa previously said the issue was a “private matter” and that the new season of Gillies’ reality series, which begins next week, is still being planned. We also take our responsibility, but we must rely on facts as far as we can be sure. Well, then you go to the source; I did,” Lorenz added on Friday. “If the judge, for example, sees a different outcome in this matter for whatever reason, we’ll see it again. But that’s what we’re doing now.”

Talpa was still under fire yesterday due to a new broadcast Angry With Tim Hoffman. In this sequel to the previous broadcast from January about sexual misconduct scandals in Holland soundHoffmann states that John de Mol may have known of more instances of this before. These reports will be known to the in-production contact person and Talpa’s editor-in-chief. However, it is not clear if they informed de Mol about this.

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