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T-Mobile Home is changing its fiber optic internet subscriptions. Prices will increase by €5 per month and higher speeds will be available in areas where T-Mobile offers via KPN, at an additional cost. There is also a new offering with a speed of 400 Mbit / s.

T-Mobile fiber optic subscriptions over its own network Costs from January 24 35, 40 and 45 euros per month, with symmetrical speeds of 100, 400 and 1000 Mbit / s respectively. Previously, the show was From 50, 100 and 1000 Mbit / s subscriptions, at prices of 30, 35 and 40 euros per month. In fact, this implies an increase in the price of a 1 Gbit / s subscription and the disappearance of the cheapest subscription. At the moment, the changes apply to new customers only.

Melted T-Mobile It is expanding its 1Gbit/s optical fiber bandwidth to 3.3 million households. In concrete terms, this means that the provider is now also offering this speed over the KPN fiber network, where previously T-Mobile only offered 100 Mbit/s. T-Mobile charges higher, but new subscriptions via KPN cost 45, 55 and 60 euros per month, respectively. This relates to an additional cost of 10 and 15 euros compared to optical fibers via T-Mobile’s private network. By the way, the Similar KPN subscriptions are in most cases more expensive. Only a gigabit offer from KPN is several euros cheaper.

New subscriptions Pricing per month (from January 24, 2022) old subscriptions Price per month
100 Mbit/s €35 (€45 via KPN) 50 Mbit/s €30
400 Mbit/s €40 (€55 via KPN) 100 Mbit/s €35
1 Gbit/sec 45€ (60€ via KPN) 1 Gbit/sec €40

Prices without discounts and compound deals with mobile subscriptions

Prices via KPN (left) and T-Mobile

With Open Dutch Fiber and Primevest T-Mobile works on communications for more than one million Dutch families. Other customers are served via other providers’ infrastructure “if possible and at reasonable rates”. This is basically about KPNWith more than three million connections, it is the largest fiber optic network in the Netherlands.

In an email, T-Mobile complains about the high rates the provider has to pay network operators: “We are not the owners of the network, but we are often the main tenant. Unfortunately, in large parts of the Netherlands we still pay the network owner. That network is for rent. Much more than we can charge our customers.” T-Mobile wants ACM to regulate the market once again to ensure network access at “realistic purchase prices.”

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