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T-Mobile is the first provider in the Netherlands to offer Multisim, for both Apple and Android users. As an additional digital SIM card over existing subscription, Multisim offers all kinds of benefits to owners of smart watches with LTE functionality, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE and Galaxy Watch5 Pro LTE. In this article we explain what these smartwatches can do T-Mobile Multisim.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 (Pro) LTE

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro on August 10. The luxury design smartwatches follow the Watch4 series and also appear in LTE versions, under the names Watch5 LTE and Watch5 Pro LTE. These smart watches can independently connect to the 4G network via the built-in LTE function, so that you do not depend on your smartphone’s Internet connection. Being in the Netherlands Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE and Galaxy Watch5 Pro LTE Available exclusively on T-Mobile.

The latter has a rationale: T-Mobile is the first Dutch provider to offer Multisim to Android users. Multisim has been available for Android since June via the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (Classic) LTE. Watch5 LTE and Watch5 Pro LTE are now added. T-Mobile customers who have an Apple Watch model with LTE support have been able to activate Multisim for some time.

T-Mobile Multi SIM 1

Multisim on T-Mobile

Multisim is a service from T-Mobile that allows you to link multiple (digital) SIM cards to your existing T-Mobile subscription. Multisim was developed specifically for the LTE smartwatch and offers all kinds of practical benefits, more on that in a moment.“The data consumption of the LTE smartwatch is limited because apps and activities consume little data and do not require high upload and download speeds.”

The digital SIM uses the same mobile phone number as your existing smartphone. You call via your smartwatch with the same number. Data usage also comes from the same package. “The data consumption of the LTE smartwatch is also limited because apps and activities use less data and do not require high upload and download speeds,” says Jan Berhagen. He is a Senior Product Manager at T-Mobile and is closely involved in the creation and development of Multisim in the Netherlands. Multisim was only launched here a few months ago and the provider is working behind the scenes on new features – which Pierhagen cannot dwell on yet. He can explain the current possibilities of Multisim.

“One of the easy-to-use functions of Multisim is that your smartwatch and your smartphone ring at the same time when you receive a call. Moreover, it does not matter which device you are recording with and having the conversation.” Since the LTE smartwatch and your smartphone use the same mobile phone number, you cannot make calls on both devices at the same time; This is technically impossible. It is also good to know that Multisim only works in the Netherlands at the moment. You can use the LTE smartwatch outside if it is connected to your smartphone.

To make Multisim as accessible as possible, T-Mobile does not charge connection costs and Multisim can be canceled daily after the first month. Multisim costs five euros per month in addition to your existing subscription and is clearly stated on the same monthly invoice. Pierhagen: “Another nice thing about Multisim is that you can pick it up at any time during the contract period. So if you’ve been a T-Mobile customer for a while and now get a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE or Watch5 Pro LTE, you can activate Multisim right away.” To activate, T-Mobile contains a file road map placed online. After activation, you’ll be ready to get the most out of your new Samsung LTE watch.

Multisim manual functions

Communication via a smart watch is one of the functions possible thanks to Multisim. You can exercise and leave your smartphone at home. You can easily handle an unexpected call while running on your wrist, via the Samsung watch’s built-in speaker or by connecting your Bluetooth earbuds. “Multisim is ideally suited for athletes,” explains Berhagen. “You constantly see your current sport and health performance, even if it is synchronized with the Internet. Moreover, you can start another training and continue again, without having to reach for your smartphone. So you do not have to stop and you will not be distracted.”

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE or Galaxy Watch5 Pro LTE can also navigate independently via its Internet connection. So you always have the right path on you “Multisim is ideally suited for athletes”Your wrist, even if you don’t have your smartphone with you. Since the smartwatch stays online, you can also continue to listen to music and podcasts while exercising, walking, and traveling. Berhagen highlights another function that he himself frequently uses. This is contactless pins with the smartwatch, which is possible thanks to the built-in NFC chip and Google Pay software.

You’ll see notifications from your smartphone on your wrist, even if you’re not carrying your device with you. You can then respond to those notifications, including via voice control. You can also send and receive messages yourself, for example via WhatsApp and SMS. This requires your smartphone to be turned on and connected to the Internet. However, you do not have to carry your device with you.

Get Watch5 LTE (40mm) as a gift

If you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE or Watch5 Pro LTE, you can buy it through T-Mobile. This can be done separately as a one-time purchase, but also with a subscription. There is also a tentative promo about the Watch5 LTE (40mm). Order before October 3 Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 or Galaxy Z Fold 4 At T-Mobile, you will receive a Galaxy Watch5 LTE (40mm) for free. This promotion can only be found on T-Mobile.

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