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System76 announced Launch Lite, a smaller version of the launch keyboard. The new open source mechanical keyboard does not have separate F keys and also lacks a USB hub for launching. Launch Lite costs $199, which is $86 less than the big launch cost.

Launch Lite (above) and Launch

The Play Lite It has 70 keys, 14 less than normal launchAnnounced by System76 in May last year. The top row, including the F keys and the escape button, are merged into the row below. In addition, the Lite does not have the USB-C and USB-A ports that the regular version offers.

With no keys and USB connections, the Lite is 27.8mm shorter than the regular launch at 107.5mm. Width and height remained the same at 306.5 and 30.25 mm. At 816.46g, the Lite is also 131.6g lighter than the regular launch.

Other specifications are the same. Thus both keyboards are open source for both hardware and firmware. For example, housing and PCB designs can be found on GitHub. Keyboards also have split space bars, allowing users to designate one of the two space bar buttons as another. The keyboard layout is customizable and is stored on the keyboard firmware.

The keyboard comes with several keycaps of different size and color. These are made of PBT plastic and have an xda profile. Buyers can choose from four Kailh Box keys upon purchase: Jade, Royal, Pink and Brown.

System76 delivers in Holland and Belgium. The cost of the Lite keyboard is 198 euros. The American company sells laptops and desktop computers as well as keyboards. System76 is also developing its own Linux distribution Pop_OS. Tweakers previously spoke with Principal Engineer Jeremy Soler From System76.

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