Sylvia Gersen cries at the Special Forces VIP headquarters about her multiple miscarriages: ‘Twins too’ | show

Sylvia Gersen cries at the Special Forces VIP headquarters about her multiple miscarriages: 'Twins too' |  show

Sylvia Gersen has had several miscarriages in the past three years, including one of twins. The 37-year-old model tearfully tells this on the latest episode of Videoland VIPs from the Special Forces. “Nobody knows this. Only my family.”

In the fourth episode of the programme VIPs from the Special Forces, where the famous Dutch trade their lives for two weeks for grueling military training, the candidates are given the task of “bringing the team together emotionally”. This means that participants have to share a personal story with the rest of the group one by one.

Rotterdam’s Sylvia Gersen, who will be there soon The Bachelorette She can be seen but gained notoriety through her participation in the Holland’s next top model, she decides to share something that only a few people know about her. “I’m here for a reason. A lot has happened in the past three years,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I had a lot of miscarriages. Twins, too.”

It’s not just about this revelation: Gersen also says she had an ex who once threw a glass at her. “He also scolded me a lot,” she cries. “And no one knows this. For me, this program is also that I expose myself a lot. Because everyone will know that now. And no one knows that. Only my family.”

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According to Gersen, verbal aggression is sometimes more difficult to digest than, for example, spanking. “You can really break people with that. You ruin how you talk to people. I also find it hard for people to underestimate me and think I’m stupid or something. And I always have a little laugh at everything. I guess that’s kind of a mask I wear for myself.”

Former Special Forces operator Eric Wigweg speaks encouragingly to Gersen. “If you put it on yourself, you can also take it off. Because there is nothing more stressful in life than walking with a mask on. It’s just complicated.”

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